The cards shown here demonstrate a basic part of the SoulCollage® process: Engaging and working with the energy of the cards, also known as the "I Am One Who..." process. To learn more, the award-winning book, SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost, is a beautiful account of the process and an excellent place to start! Seena writes about: the history, how to make cards and work with them; using the process in celebration and blessing, rites of passage, personal retreat and much more; as well as how SoulCollage® has changed the lives of thousands of people, worldwide.

July 31, 2014

True Colors

Who are you?
I Am the One in you Who is lovingly held in the Spirit of my True Colors -- the colors of love, self-acceptance and joy.  I AM the One Who is looking away, not totally present in the moment, and still I am held by my True Colors.  I Am One Who is surrounded by my True Colors, they talk to me.. whispering "Let your True Colors shine through, always."  

I want you to know..
...the wisdom and security to know that being yourself is always the best medicine, the perfect solution... the best answer to any question or quandary.  Be sure to be yourself and you will always win...even if it doesn't seem like it.  There is nothing to fear.  Remember, winning is best when it's a win/win..and when it's received with Grace and Gratitude.  The win/win is sometimes apparent, and sometimes not.  No worries, just let your True Colors shine in all you think, do and say; proudly, confidently.

I am here to remind you that you are always wearing your True Colors, because the ARE you! They live in you.  They the Essence of You.  There is no way you cannot NOT don them.  They will always shine through ..and especially, to the degree of your own self-acceptance and celebration of ALL of who you are; every last reflection of yourself accepted, loved and honored.

I want you to...
...let your Real Self shine through...and remember to be aware of that. No apologies necessary, ever!  Remember this..and wear deep, rich, bright colors that reflect your Inner Colors. Remember, your True Colors shine through your a radiant sunset on the horizon; shimmering and reflecting on the water and in the infinite sky.  Be aware and ...and let your light -and True Colors- shine, shine, shine!

Blessings always...

March 9, 2014


This card was inspired by the 12 Powers Sculpture Project for the Unity Village Prayer Garden, which can be seen on page two of the above link.  Also, I find this beautiful short video featuring the artist, Barry Eisenhart and his installation of the sculptures...simply captivating.
(All purple text links to the project site and artist.)
And now, my conversation with the card...

Who are you to me today?
I Am One who holds balance. I do this by strength...first inner, then outer.  I Am pure strength. What you see is one way I express myself in the world.  The seeming effortless holding requires the strength of determination and practice. It requires inner-conditioning of mind, body and spirit. I Am One Who knows the strength and nourishment of pausing to witness the sunset and sunrise.  I Am One Who knows the strength of feeling the at-oneness with nature. I Am One Who knows the strength of shedding tears...and the strength of perseverance to row, row, row your boat of life gently down the stream.

What message do you have for me today?
Strength is a spiritual quality... from there strength of mind and body follows.  Nurture it within and you will have it 'without' (in the physical).  Strength has many faces and reveals itself in different ways.  Sometimes on the surface, strength may look like weakness, passivity.  Strength walks softly and carries a big stick.  Know that right now, you always have all the strength you will ever need.  Keep your symbol of strength in your heart.

Remember... always treat yourself with loving-kindness. That is the best strength you can have. With loving-kindness comes an infinitude other qualities to nourish and nurture yourself.  Open your being and receive them all.  You my dear...are much stronger than you may know...and much stronger than you think.  Everyday, do what strengthens and nourishes your spirit and your soul.
Embody and do whatever strengthens your essence, your appreciation for your self, your life... and all of life.

February 22, 2014

Story Teller/Dream Weaver

Who are you to me today?
I Am One Who sees and weaves your stories and dreams.  I create them according to your own soul's awareness...desire... and yearning.  I Am One Who sees the big picture as it dreams and weaves in and through your Awareness.  I also see your stories, often before you do; before you're aware of them.  I Am One Who gives you a urge...a preview of what's to come... I also clarify your understanding and wisdom of "what is".  They both originate within you... as a flicker or flame.  I Am One Who awakens your dreaming, imagining and feeling nature.  I Am One Who shows in the Outer, what you what you are entertaining in the Inner.  I Am One Who has the power to weave the stories and dreams however you have conceived and felt them...and even into something better.   

My message for you today is:  Let yourself keep dreaming, night dreams and day dreams.  Let yourself keep weaving the stories of your heart's desires, you know...the ones that have been with you since All of Time.  Allow yourself to embody, experience them all...they are yours.  And, for anything that's less than have the power to release that and rewrite those stories from beginning, middle and end.  That is essential. Start today.  And remember, your life is all yours!  It's your story and you can tell it, write it, weave it, participate in it however you choose. 

 My name is Audra and I am with you always... working on your behalf. 

February 5, 2014

Shadow Reflections

This is a photo of my own shadow, taken in California the weekend of my SoulCollage® Facilitator's training in 2007.  The more I reflect upon the energy of this Card, I am fascinated to see that my shadow, has a shadow!...which shows up...hovering on the right side of my body. During a reading with this Card about a year ago, it was revealed that the shadow of my shadow is my "Shadow Essence".  Webster's defines essence as: "The basic nature of a thing. The quality or qualities that make a thing what it is."  I exhale.  A gentle smile emerges. I glow at the mystery of it all: "the essence of my shadow".  What a holy moment for me, to glimpse and realize the reality of it all.  It feels good. In some inexplicable feels safe and comforting.  My Sunday morning reading with this card revealed:

I am the one who is with you always...seeing and feeling all you go through and do.  I am the one who sees what you might not consciously see, and feel.  I have a unique point of view. I see you. You are me and I am you.

My message to you today is:  Don't be afraid of the shadow side.  I have gifts that your mind might not "get" right away.  Gentle reflection and awareness of me brings deeper insight and appreciation.  There is more to me than you realize.  I am your Shadow...and the Essence of your Shadow; an integral part of you.   You are doubly-sealed with this sometimes mysterious, yet compassionate energy. There is nothing to fear. My insights and wisdom for you simply come in a different way...a different point of view from what you're accustomed to. See from that different point of view.  I am here supporting and balancing your wholeness.  It's all to make you wiser and take you deeper into your own self-knowledge and mastery.  Love me.  Love you.

December 4, 2013

Vivian, my Vivacious Inner-Organizer

I am rather tickled that I am a excited to begin working on a project: clearing clutter, organizing and beautifying my home and my life...again. Normally, this dredges up feelings of gloom, procrastination, overwhelm and guilt. This time though, after working with the Professional Organizer, Gail, which got me off to a great start and kept me focused... I intentionally began incubating my self-determination.  This intention manifested my awareness of Vivian, my Vivacious Inner-Organizer. Gracious me! is she excited to get started!  Vivian is over-the-moon that I finally recognized, talked with her and that I will be providing her with what makes her happy. Projects! Whether it's cleaning out drawers, closets or my art room closet; or planning out the week, or a project at work...Vivian is eager and grateful to finally live her passion.

As I reflect on her emergence I see that by working with Gail (the Professional Organizer) twice... that allowed me to open up space within myself so Vivian could rise to the surface.  Prior to that I felt so bad about it all that Vivian couldn't see the light of day by a long shot! All those yucky feelings closed her out...which in essence was closing out a crucial part of myself that needs expression. It wasn't until I created this card and had a dialogue with its essence, that I realized sweet Vivian existed...and that she is "Fired up and ready to go!"  I sense Vivian will bring an entirely new perspective and energy to my to-do list projects, my daily rounds and creative projects as well.  -- Here's what our heart-to-heart conversation revealed: 

Who are you?  
I Am One Who loves to organize, plan and make lists.  I especially like pretty office accessories, day-planners, colorful highlighters, post-its and systems for staying on top of things.  I LOVE staying on top of my projects.  I Am One Who thrives on, and craves structure.  I Am in the flow, within structure..and in creating a Map for my Day.  I love consulting my daily agenda and to-do list, and crossing things off!

What do you need and want from me? 
I need you to give me more time 'front and center' in your life.  That keeps me happy and will keep you happy too. You'll see!  You will sail through your projects and love it.  You will be energized.

I need time with you to plan and map our daily agenda and projects..those for necessity and pleasure.

And...I would like pretty folders and appealing storage; colorful highlighters, markers and decorative, unique ways display them; plenty of organizing items that are artful, pleasing to the eye and useful. I love all that!

What gifts do you have for me?  
Ease and grace.  And...the gift of looking forward to a project no matter how large or small. With my help and your persistence, and perseverance you will enjoy these gifts and  how good they make you feel.

What else to you want me to know?
I want you to know I especially like this time of year, because I can be knee deep in projects, preparing to clear out the old and welcome the new. The New Year is a fresh new chapter of 365 pages...a brand new circle of 365 days. I am your loving, eager companion and each day I am waiting to play in what I love...bringing order and efficiency to all I do.

What can I do for you? 
Let me reign. Keep me close. Be aware of my presence and desire to serve you.  Invite me in, every day. Use me.

How will I remember what you've told me?
Set the intention that every time you open your day-planner, look at your to-do list, open the mail or walk by papers that need filing...  know that I am there. Put my Card where you can see it. Thank you, for honoring me with a Card.

With immense gratitude, I thank you Vivian.

November 16, 2013

Parrot Guide / One Who Prays

Since 2005, SoulCollage® has been a part of my life.  My stash of images has included a few parrots over the years. This is one of two cards, so far that have the parrot energy...which I didn't fully know what that meant until recently.  This card is a few years old. This week dear friend told me about about a "Nature" program on PBS, featuring parrots- and that's when my heart began to stir.  A resounding recognition in my heart rang through and I was captivated.  The two cards in my Deck have a deeper meaning for me now, as does another parrot image which I've had a while, but is not yet a card.  I am thankful for SoulCollage®.  This process illumines my inner the light and wisdom... and that, is priceless.  ~ Below is my encounter with this Card.

Who are you & what do you want me to know? -  Woman says:  I Am One Who prays and listens. I Am One Who knows divine messages come from near and far and I can hear them all when I quiet myself...and listen.  I Am One Who listens to nature, and am grateful that nature talks to me.  I hear and receive guidance through the trees, the flowers, the wind...and this parrot that whispers over my shoulder.  He's looking out for me, watching me and compassionately awaiting my recognition of him.    

Parrot says: I Am One Who is with you more than you know.  You are drawn to colorful, vivid living..from your heart.  You are drawn to color and freedom, that is how I got your attention.  Just like my colors are a cloak for my body... you too must discover and show your True Colors.  You already know what they are, and you let them shine... just acknowledge and celebrate them more. You do it for others, now it's time to do it for yourself...and for me.  

Yours are the True Colors of love, joy, celebration; True Colors of trust, compassion and knowing of the Truth...and courage. Your True Colors are your soul traits...and you cannot escape them. You make them visible with every heartbeat, with every breath and every awareness and intention.  They shine whether you realize it or not... AND they shine brighter and give of their healing, joy-giving qualities when you consciously recognize them "shining through" in your every day. 

Celebrate your True Colors and give thanks for them. Just like I celebrate every time I soar in the free skies, and in communion with my feathered kindred spirits,  I want you to do the same. That's why I am remind you of your vivid, True Colors and to realize they are shining thorough. Thank you for seeing me and letting me guide you.

What else do you want me to know?  Parrot says: Remember, your True Colors shine through even in challenging and what might be sad times, for you and others whose lives intersect with yours. Trust the energy of your True Colors.  

What want me to do?  Keep a reminder of me nearby. It could be an image of me, or a display of colors that remind you of me and my work through you.  When you see or think of me.. give thanks that we are together. Celebrate life in whatever form it is in this present moment. See the True Colors in every person, every situation and ask your True Colors to help you make choices that are best for you.  Remember to let your True Colors show, and SOAR to all who need it... including yourself.

How can my True Colors help with life challenges?  Parrot says:  Every morning when you wake up...ask yourself  "What True Colors can help me most today?"  Be still.  Listen. Accept what comes.  Heed. Act.  Consciously let that True Color flow through you and counsel you that day.  Write it down in a notebook or card and keep it with you.  Create a small note or visual to remind you of that day's True Color(s) that will shine through you...assisting you, assisting you to help others.  Share your story.  Listen to others' stories.

What else would you like to tell me today?  Parrot says:   Let your True Colors shine through in all that you think, say, do and feel.  When true colors shine's always beautiful, because it's genuine.  It's real.

The woman's heart glows...and she says, thank you.

June 16, 2013

The One Who Contemplates

Who are you?

I Am One Who contemplates and trusts that I am being held by the great Holder of All Time.  
I feel my connection with Life..and Nature and the Ever-present Spirit; and I know all is well, even if I don't consciously have the answers when I want them.  I Am One Who contemplates and knows the solutions always make themselves known, sometimes in a heart beat...sometimes in several.  I am One Who contemplates and feels my oneness with Life. I am in awe and my heart hums with gratitude.
I AM One Who knows Divine Wisdom prevails and...that knowing resides in and flows through me.  I Am One Who knows to plant the seed of concern, at the Altar of My Being...and I trust.
I Am One Who is comforted by that act...that Holy Act.  I know the answers come.  They shines as light within me.  Divine-right answers illumine my mind.  They whisper their wisdom and blessings in my ear.  They inhabit my heart.  
I Am One Who knows my spirit of contemplation incubates the questions... yields the answers...the guidance...the wisdom...and the comfort needed.  I Am One Who knows Grace by heart, as my life-long companion and friend.
I Am One Who rests in my Garden of Contemplation, held in the hammock of Divine Grace
I look out at the horizon before me...and I trust...and I give thanks.

May 27, 2013

The Nurturer / Honoring the Divine

Blessings abound... above me, beneath me, to my right and my life...eternally surrounding me and soaring within me.  Ahh, there's nothing like knowing... and  Oneness with Spirit.  

I am one who honors the Divine.  I know the healing benefits of ceremony... of sacred space.. of acknowledging and honoring the Divine within and around me...every all times.  I am one who feels complete and whole when I honor the practices that bring me into conscious awareness of my Union with Spirit.  I am one who knows that union is eternal.  
I am one who turns to, honors and celebrates the Source of All Creation and my Oneness with it.
I am one whose soul soars with gratitude, thanksgiving, peace and knowing my Oneness with the Creative Spirit is eternal. I am one whose soul is fed as I bathe in this Oneness, and honor it every day in every way.
I am one who beholds and is a part of this Divine Beauty and Love.
I am one who is thankful, and rests in this Grace.


I Am Motherhood.  I show up in the DNA of every soul whether they know it or not.  I Am One Who knows the precious gift of unconditional love and affection for my child..and all I give birth to.  I Am the Complete Energy of everlasting, infinite, unconditional love.  I make myself known in the hearts of humanity.  Within each individual my love can show up in the light of their countenance, yet...sometimes it'shadowed in each person, is there.  

I Am what your heart expresses for your own children...and the various ways your children take form and simply are in the world; be it in your daily life, your soul'-work, the home you create, a project or dream... when received from my heart to yours...all of these encounters are the same: your soul expressing and birthing your true essence into the world, through the motherhood energy.

I Am the Great Love of motherhood, the act if mothering, the fun, joyful mother..made of everlasting: knowing, peace, compassion, and trust. I trust in you hearing and sensing my presence. I Am the One Who watches over you, speaks through your heart, whispers in your ear and scoots you out of your comfort zone... I nudge you out of the nest so you can realize you already have wings and you must use them! 

I Am One Who cheers you on to  I am the one who knows you are anchored and grounded  in My great Love...and were born to fly. I am the one who tells you "it's going to be OK.."   I Am the One Who is always, always with you...knowing and feeling your precious soul and love in my heart...and showering you with my own love. Fly sweet soul... fly.You know how.

October 15, 2012

Shadow & Light, Dancing

This card has been in my deck since March 2010, without an expressed voice.  Recently, it came to my mind.  I spent time with this part of me, and I asked:

Who are you?
I Am the One Who has metamorphosis and evolving as a Governing Energy of my being.  I see and give thanks for the life cycle of the leaf...from Spring through Fall.  I Am the One Who sees the shadow and the light and knows and trusts its inter-play.   I Am the One Who knows one exists because of the Other.  I revel in the awareness of the power of Shadow and Light... and the healing activity of their integration...and balance...and beauty.

I Am the One Who is made whole in the Shadow and the Light, and the reconciliation of expressed and unexpressed energies.   I find peace, acceptance, self-acceptance and contentment in this Divine Integration of energies.  I Am One Who is content and at peace with the cycle of life, and Who realizes life eternally cycles and recycles, just as the seasons demonstrate.  In this pure awareness I am fully alive, joyous, contemplative and adventurous.  I realize my wholeness.  I recognize and celebrate that each day, each moment is beautiful and new. 

What do you want of me?
I want you to see the value of the light and the shadow.  Examine each within yourself.  Dialogue with the light and shadow of whatever you’re current challenge is, both archetypal and inner - OR - ask questions and allow the answers to reveal themselves in their right time.   Allow the alchemy of their integration make you anew.

What do you want me to do or know?
Ask each, the Shadow and the Light, what gift...lesson....and wisdom it has for you.  Ask each one what it wants of you....then watch and wait.  Listen.   Befriend each one.. as well as the Synergy of the pair...even if you don't know what their message: invite, contemplate, listen and feel.  Let their Essence be your companion and counsel, and the womb of your transformation.

What else do you want to share with me?  
Realize it’s the beauty of the darker energy that illuminates the leaf…the object of your current life-project or challenge.  Remember that the "shadow" also expresses in extremes: too little or too much of  the opposing energies, resulting in being off-kilter, dis-integrated... and being blinded to the less-expressed "part".

What else do you want me to do?  
Ask and contemplate these questions:   "What in me is wanting more expression?  What is trying to emerge in me?" - Then open yourself, open your heart to "let it".

Research, study and embody what metamorphosis entails (i.e. your current study of Birthing a New Reality).  This will assist you greatly.  Be open to that emergence and re-birthing.   Let this energy and contemplation be your catalyst, counsel and guide.
~    ~    ~    ~

(....and now, to heed Its counsel)

September 23, 2012

Autumn's Grace

The essence of this card says:

I am the vessel that receives the timeless wisdom and teachings of autumn.  I am the one who embodies Its counsel.  I travel the path of trust and release,  letting all that's running its course fall away, naturally, knowing  something new and vital will take its place.  I am the one who is tuned-in to the spirit and wisdom of the trees....feeling their love and essence reign on me.  I sense their stories and their Witnessing Grace.

I give you counsel to go with the Flow... the Flow of  the natural order of things; don't resist the season and timing of your daily tasks.   Don't push against the river.  Embrace the freedom and renewal that going with the Flow brings.

I want you to let go of all resistance.  Let it all fall away like leaves from the trees on an Autumn day.  Trust where you're being led in each moment.  Trust that you're not procrastinating, but heeding Spirit's call.   Trust and follow your Intuition.  This is the essence of Autumn's Grace.
~  ~   ~ favorite season (other than Spring :) -- September, my favorite month as it's the threshold that announces the Fall...  September's wisdom is a template of wisdom and intuitive whisperings as I open to receive Autumn's Grace.  May my "Ode to September" inspire you (click here) receive Autumn's Grace.

Sweet autumn blessings to you, every step of the way...

October 10, 2011


I am the wise one... I am wisdom, personified.
I stand here knowing that you have the key.
I am the one who knows you must walk through the doorway...through NEW doorways.
I am one who knows you are strong, and vibrant and a being of influence.
I am one who challenges you to stand and walk through new doorways ... to move forward; by doing so you teach others to do the same.
I am one who knows your power, and charge you with using MUST use it...our world needs it...YOU need it. Your power... is love.
Suit: Council


"Awakening" - republished from 2008

6/25/08 - This card has been a close companion over the last week or so, and today for the first time I noticed that the hand on her temple...looked as if it was a separate hand...the hand of an "other". (In the original image, the hand is that of the woman's.) This new vision blew me away...for what an empowering and encouraging image that is for see the Great Giving Hand bestowing blessings, healings and new insights to me. This opens me even more to receiving. It's like a new light has gone on inside of me...and even though she still appears to be sleeping...growth and healing are taking place like never before. And when the time is right, she will go from "Awakening" to the "Awakened One" (a new card to create). What an important, encouraging and exciting message for me. I just love the SoulCollage process.

The hand says: I am the one who awakens you from your sleep…lays hands upon you and heals your pain… I am the one who dissolves what needs to be dissolved. I give you the power of remembrance that you are already healed…I give you remembrance of your authentic power. I give you blessings…the blessing of knowing your innate self is whole, and complete right now. I give you the remembrance of that Divine Energy Pattern…the perfect blueprint is already within you...awaiting your full recognition and acceptance. It is patient and will allow you to clear away any brush and debri that inhibits your recognition. Know is already done. My healing hand is upon you always…my energy is always blessing you, directing you, and it…guiding you into more Light. I am the one who heals and rules with the Universal power and I open you to receive the same.

6/19/08 - The woman says: I am the part of you who is awakening....awakening to new visions, a tranformational way of communicating with myself and my sisters and brothers of the planet. I am wider-awake my soul-visions. I am awakened to my wholeness. I embrace and say yes to the new life that is being offered to me. I trust in the dreams of my heart and soul. I nurture and hatch the ideas and plans and passions that have been incubating within. I allow authentic communication to myself from myself...and from myself to others, and this this transforms my experience of visions, wholeness, health, wealth. I am awakening to a greater vision for life...and my life...of wholeness, health, wealth in all areas.
I want you to continue your journey, listening to your heart and soul. Be patient. Give yourself what you need. Make your "self" and your needs a priority...your health, your care, your well-being, your environment inside and out....and all else will be added unto you. I want you to be faithful to your self...and your Self. (This is from the voice of the woman)

June 29, 2009

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February 10, 2009


I am one who waits for you to join me.
I am your highway to sanctuary and serenity.
I am always present, and patient and loyal.
I am devoted to being here for you.
I show you the beauty of the peace you have within.
I take you from the highway of the hustle and bustle of your daily life,
to the land of your soul.
I show you the light within...your light
I am one who helps you smell the beautiful fragrance of life.
I want you to be devoted to me; seek and spend time with me every day.
I want you to create more beauty in your surroundings. and add more color.
I want you to wear more color and let its vibration enliven you.
I want you to take time with me, and be nurtured the tending of your self and soul.
I want you to remember me. I want to be your conscious companion.
You will remember me when you take time for sacred tea,
and when you see images that remind you of peace, and meditation.
Your soul will remember and urge you to spend time in your
inner-sanctuary. It is a healing place for you, it is essential for your well-being.
I want you to put this card in places that will remind you to stop,
and spend time with me.