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February 13, 2007

My Intuition

I am one who knows before you know.
I am one you can count on. I am your gut instinct, facts don't matter to me.
I am the one who tells you your truth, and dances in delight of it! ~ I am the feeling in your heart and deep in your bones that you cannot let go of.
I am your guide in the darkness and the light. I am the one who celebrates when you listen to me!
I want you to continue heeding my call, and trusting what I communicate to you. ~ I bring you messages from your deepest self.
Whenever my voice is faint, seek quietness until you once again sense our union. I want you to know you can ask me anything, and I will answer.
I give you everlasting reliability. Remember I am always here. I give you insight, and peace. I give you your most unequivocal self.


Lucrezia said...

I really love all your cards. I can identify with aspects of all of them. Very inspiring, and now this vision statement too you posted on your other blog!

Ok~ card first.

Then must make to do list second!

Have a great night :)

sharryb said...

Hi Cheryl,
It has been a joy to get to know you better through your cards and your postings to our forums. I consider you one of the most inspiring SoulCollage Facilitators offering the work.

I'm working more and more with my own intuition and loved seeing your depiction on this card.


Cheryl Finley: said...

Hi Sharry,
I am so glad you stopped by; and I am honored to be paid such a compliment. Thank you very much. I do love this work. I look forward to our getting to know each other even better.

I love that you include links in the interpretations that pertain to the card's message; like in your "Longing for Sweetness" card. That is so helpful and creative! I will be visiting those links again.

Ahh, our Intuition really is something...I feel like She's waiting in the wings for our letting go so she can fly and do what she does best.

Keep shinin' your bright light Sharry.

Blessings to you always,

Cheryl Finley: said...

Hi Lucrezia,
...I am just so excited that SoulCollage has gotten a hold of you! -- I can't wait to see your next card...and to hear about your interpretation experience.

Goodness abounds!


megan said...

Realizing that this isn't a recent post, but (lucky me) I'm just now beginning to explore this site. Had to tell you how much I love this particular writing about intuition. The knower inside that becomes easier to hear the more we listen. I especially liked (and will be helped by) the reminder to use quiet solitude to re-connect with myself. The outside world can get really loud sometimes. Thanks!

Cheryl Finley: said...

Hi Megan,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes...the Knower Inside whispers and the "quiet solitude to reconnect" as you say... is invaluable in our culture of sensory overload. I'm glad this post was a helpful reminder.
You are welcome!