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December 4, 2013

Vivian, my Vivacious Inner-Organizer

I am rather tickled that I am a excited to begin working on a project: clearing clutter, organizing and beautifying my home and my life...again. Normally, this dredges up feelings of gloom, procrastination, overwhelm and guilt. This time though, after working with the Professional Organizer, Gail, which got me off to a great start and kept me focused... I intentionally began incubating my self-determination.  This intention manifested my awareness of Vivian, my Vivacious Inner-Organizer. Gracious me! is she excited to get started!  Vivian is over-the-moon that I finally recognized, talked with her and that I will be providing her with what makes her happy. Projects! Whether it's cleaning out drawers, closets or my art room closet; or planning out the week, or a project at work...Vivian is eager and grateful to finally live her passion.

As I reflect on her emergence I see that by working with Gail (the Professional Organizer) twice... that allowed me to open up space within myself so Vivian could rise to the surface.  Prior to that I felt so bad about it all that Vivian couldn't see the light of day by a long shot! All those yucky feelings closed her out...which in essence was closing out a crucial part of myself that needs expression. It wasn't until I created this card and had a dialogue with its essence, that I realized sweet Vivian existed...and that she is "Fired up and ready to go!"  I sense Vivian will bring an entirely new perspective and energy to my to-do list projects, my daily rounds and creative projects as well.  -- Here's what our heart-to-heart conversation revealed: 

Who are you?  
I Am One Who loves to organize, plan and make lists.  I especially like pretty office accessories, day-planners, colorful highlighters, post-its and systems for staying on top of things.  I LOVE staying on top of my projects.  I Am One Who thrives on, and craves structure.  I Am in the flow, within structure..and in creating a Map for my Day.  I love consulting my daily agenda and to-do list, and crossing things off!

What do you need and want from me? 
I need you to give me more time 'front and center' in your life.  That keeps me happy and will keep you happy too. You'll see!  You will sail through your projects and love it.  You will be energized.

I need time with you to plan and map our daily agenda and projects..those for necessity and pleasure.

And...I would like pretty folders and appealing storage; colorful highlighters, markers and decorative, unique ways display them; plenty of organizing items that are artful, pleasing to the eye and useful. I love all that!

What gifts do you have for me?  
Ease and grace.  And...the gift of looking forward to a project no matter how large or small. With my help and your persistence, and perseverance you will enjoy these gifts and  how good they make you feel.

What else to you want me to know?
I want you to know I especially like this time of year, because I can be knee deep in projects, preparing to clear out the old and welcome the new. The New Year is a fresh new chapter of 365 pages...a brand new circle of 365 days. I am your loving, eager companion and each day I am waiting to play in what I love...bringing order and efficiency to all I do.

What can I do for you? 
Let me reign. Keep me close. Be aware of my presence and desire to serve you.  Invite me in, every day. Use me.

How will I remember what you've told me?
Set the intention that every time you open your day-planner, look at your to-do list, open the mail or walk by papers that need filing...  know that I am there. Put my Card where you can see it. Thank you, for honoring me with a Card.

With immense gratitude, I thank you Vivian.