The cards shown here demonstrate a basic part of the SoulCollage® process: Engaging and working with the energy of the cards, also known as the "I Am One Who..." process. To learn more, the award-winning book, SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost, is a beautiful account of the process and an excellent place to start! Seena writes about: the history, how to make cards and work with them; using the process in celebration and blessing, rites of passage, personal retreat and much more; as well as how SoulCollage® has changed the lives of thousands of people, worldwide.

June 9, 2008

Sweet Ike

My daughter, Kamaria and I adopted Ike into our family in the summer of 1999. Before the three of us discovered each other, Kamaria and I were browsing the animal shelter to see who we would gravitate to.
We stopped in the kitten room, I stooped to pet one, and I must've looked like a jungle gym to them! They were all over me! Before I knew it one was climbing up the back of my skirt (from the inside!) lept onto my back and was racing to my head (ouch! those sharp claws) then another one sprang onto me from out of nowhere! OMG!! I realized that was too much energy, we needed a mellow cat.
As we walked out of the kitten room, Ike was sitting right there...eye level on his litte carpeted kitty-kat patio -I saw him, he saw me...and he said "meow!"... "Oooo, you talk" I said...and the rest is history! Kamaria and I both fell in love with Ike...and he's still talking!! Boy does he different tones i.e. a questioning meow, or a whining, nagging meow...and he's quite conversational, at length!...and he purs up a storm, you can hear him from across the room! I love it! and we love our Ike!
Through this SoulCollage card, Ike says to me...
I am your furry companion. I am one who knows it's perfectly fine to be apologies required! I am the one you give love and attention to, but not enough for me. I always want more of you...on my terms, and I know my terms are just fine. I know how to tell you what I want. I am one who speaks my voice, consistently. I know how to get my way. I am the one who's persistent and patient, sometimes. I am the persistent can learn a lot from me. I am the one who loves you so much I want all of your attention. I am the one who turns on a dime from purring to biting...and you love me anyway.
I want you to give me more of your undivided attention. I want you to realize that that time is tender and sacred and relaxing. I want you to want to give me more affection. I want you to soak up my love and do nothing else but cater to my desires.
Through me you see that it feels good to be at peace with (and in) your body...jiggles and all. I give you overflowing love and affection. I give you love and companionship you can count on. I give you an example of authenticity. I give you permission to take as many naps as you need. I want you to know I love you and love being with you. I miss you when you're not here. I'm glad when you come home and sometimes get mad when you leave out again so quickly. I am one who likes being around you.

April 4, 2008

Hi...I thank you for stopping by! Sharing SoulCollage, the cards and the process is one of my favorite things to do. You can also see more cards and dialogues on my second gallery by clicking here.

March 2, 2008


Each Soul-
Collage® card represents the Essence of an inner-facet of our multi-jeweled self. Below is my conversation with this "part" of me:
Who are you? - I am the part of you that feels centered and balanced when I write. I am the one who is exhilarated and enlightened at what comes through your writing. I am both the writer and the one who benefits from it. Writing is the way you listen to me...listen to yourself. Writing is the way you discover what you're thinking and feeling...long before it comes to your conscious mind. I am the part of you that knows journaling provides the yin and yang of knowlege, self-knowlege and revelation.
* I want you to spend more time with me. Let me express more often and more consistently. I want you to ritualize my writing time so it's free from distraction, and calming to the mind and soul. Do a few minutes of relaxed breathing and meditation before-hand; and then let me take center stage of your being. I promise you, the gift you receive from this will far exceed what you can imagine. The gift is... giving this time to yourself freely and regularly; making it a ritual. I want you to create a beautiful space for me to write. It need not be elaborate. Surround it with items that are meaningful to us. This way you will look forward to keeping your daily date with me. You'll'll be worth it.
* I want you to keep my card on your altar, to remind you of the beauty and healing of journaling; and to remind you that I am here and need to be heard. This is how you will remember me, and invite more illumination into your being. This is by far the biggest gift for both of us. I love you. Remember me.