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October 15, 2012

Shadow & Light, Dancing

This card has been in my deck since March 2010, without an expressed voice.  Recently, it came to my mind.  I spent time with this part of me, and I asked:

Who are you?
I Am the One Who has metamorphosis and evolving as a Governing Energy of my being.  I see and give thanks for the life cycle of the leaf...from Spring through Fall.  I Am the One Who sees the shadow and the light and knows and trusts its inter-play.   I Am the One Who knows one exists because of the Other.  I revel in the awareness of the power of Shadow and Light... and the healing activity of their integration...and balance...and beauty.

I Am the One Who is made whole in the Shadow and the Light, and the reconciliation of expressed and unexpressed energies.   I find peace, acceptance, self-acceptance and contentment in this Divine Integration of energies.  I Am One Who is content and at peace with the cycle of life, and Who realizes life eternally cycles and recycles, just as the seasons demonstrate.  In this pure awareness I am fully alive, joyous, contemplative and adventurous.  I realize my wholeness.  I recognize and celebrate that each day, each moment is beautiful and new. 

What do you want of me?
I want you to see the value of the light and the shadow.  Examine each within yourself.  Dialogue with the light and shadow of whatever you’re current challenge is, both archetypal and inner - OR - ask questions and allow the answers to reveal themselves in their right time.   Allow the alchemy of their integration make you anew.

What do you want me to do or know?
Ask each, the Shadow and the Light, what gift...lesson....and wisdom it has for you.  Ask each one what it wants of you....then watch and wait.  Listen.   Befriend each one.. as well as the Synergy of the pair...even if you don't know what their message: invite, contemplate, listen and feel.  Let their Essence be your companion and counsel, and the womb of your transformation.

What else do you want to share with me?  
Realize it’s the beauty of the darker energy that illuminates the leaf…the object of your current life-project or challenge.  Remember that the "shadow" also expresses in extremes: too little or too much of  the opposing energies, resulting in being off-kilter, dis-integrated... and being blinded to the less-expressed "part".

What else do you want me to do?  
Ask and contemplate these questions:   "What in me is wanting more expression?  What is trying to emerge in me?" - Then open yourself, open your heart to "let it".

Research, study and embody what metamorphosis entails (i.e. your current study of Birthing a New Reality).  This will assist you greatly.  Be open to that emergence and re-birthing.   Let this energy and contemplation be your catalyst, counsel and guide.
~    ~    ~    ~

(....and now, to heed Its counsel)