The cards shown here demonstrate a basic part of the SoulCollage® process: Engaging and working with the energy of the cards, also known as the "I Am One Who..." process. To learn more, the award-winning book, SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost, is a beautiful account of the process and an excellent place to start! Seena writes about: the history, how to make cards and work with them; using the process in celebration and blessing, rites of passage, personal retreat and much more; as well as how SoulCollage® has changed the lives of thousands of people, worldwide.

February 22, 2014

Story Teller/Dream Weaver

Who are you to me today?
I Am One Who sees and weaves your stories and dreams.  I create them according to your own soul's awareness...desire... and yearning.  I Am One Who sees the big picture as it dreams and weaves in and through your Awareness.  I also see your stories, often before you do; before you're aware of them.  I Am One Who gives you a urge...a preview of what's to come... I also clarify your understanding and wisdom of "what is".  They both originate within you... as a flicker or flame.  I Am One Who awakens your dreaming, imagining and feeling nature.  I Am One Who shows in the Outer, what you what you are entertaining in the Inner.  I Am One Who has the power to weave the stories and dreams however you have conceived and felt them...and even into something better.   

My message for you today is:  Let yourself keep dreaming, night dreams and day dreams.  Let yourself keep weaving the stories of your heart's desires, you know...the ones that have been with you since All of Time.  Allow yourself to embody, experience them all...they are yours.  And, for anything that's less than have the power to release that and rewrite those stories from beginning, middle and end.  That is essential. Start today.  And remember, your life is all yours!  It's your story and you can tell it, write it, weave it, participate in it however you choose. 

 My name is Audra and I am with you always... working on your behalf. 

February 5, 2014

Shadow Reflections

This is a photo of my own shadow, taken in California the weekend of my SoulCollage® Facilitator's training in 2007.  The more I reflect upon the energy of this Card, I am fascinated to see that my shadow, has a shadow!...which shows up...hovering on the right side of my body. During a reading with this Card about a year ago, it was revealed that the shadow of my shadow is my "Shadow Essence".  Webster's defines essence as: "The basic nature of a thing. The quality or qualities that make a thing what it is."  I exhale.  A gentle smile emerges. I glow at the mystery of it all: "the essence of my shadow".  What a holy moment for me, to glimpse and realize the reality of it all.  It feels good. In some inexplicable feels safe and comforting.  My Sunday morning reading with this card revealed:

I am the one who is with you always...seeing and feeling all you go through and do.  I am the one who sees what you might not consciously see, and feel.  I have a unique point of view. I see you. You are me and I am you.

My message to you today is:  Don't be afraid of the shadow side.  I have gifts that your mind might not "get" right away.  Gentle reflection and awareness of me brings deeper insight and appreciation.  There is more to me than you realize.  I am your Shadow...and the Essence of your Shadow; an integral part of you.   You are doubly-sealed with this sometimes mysterious, yet compassionate energy. There is nothing to fear. My insights and wisdom for you simply come in a different way...a different point of view from what you're accustomed to. See from that different point of view.  I am here supporting and balancing your wholeness.  It's all to make you wiser and take you deeper into your own self-knowledge and mastery.  Love me.  Love you.