The cards shown here demonstrate a basic part of the SoulCollage® process: Engaging and working with the energy of the cards, also known as the "I Am One Who..." process. To learn more, the award-winning book, SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost, is a beautiful account of the process and an excellent place to start! Seena writes about: the history, how to make cards and work with them; using the process in celebration and blessing, rites of passage, personal retreat and much more; as well as how SoulCollage® has changed the lives of thousands of people, worldwide.

May 16, 2006

"Planting Seeds of Intention"

I am your Essence, your spiritual power. I am the one who plants Seeds of Intention in the Womb of the Universe...positively expecting an abundant yield of what I've sown.
* * *
I am the one who nurtures the Seeds with heartfelt belief, happy expectancy, and "heartfelt rehearsal of receiving my good"-- manifested!
* * *
I am the one one who is thankful for the awareness of the power I have assist in creating my good! * * * I am the one who releases my intentions, believing that the best possible outcome will occur...and that it can be even better than I imagine! I am the one who looks past physical the metaphysical, and knows that "It's all good."

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