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March 9, 2014


This card was inspired by the 12 Powers Sculpture Project for the Unity Village Prayer Garden, which can be seen on page two of the above link.  Also, I find this beautiful short video featuring the artist, Barry Eisenhart and his installation of the sculptures...simply captivating.
(All purple text links to the project site and artist.)
And now, my conversation with the card...

Who are you to me today?
I Am One who holds balance. I do this by strength...first inner, then outer.  I Am pure strength. What you see is one way I express myself in the world.  The seeming effortless holding requires the strength of determination and practice. It requires inner-conditioning of mind, body and spirit. I Am One Who knows the strength and nourishment of pausing to witness the sunset and sunrise.  I Am One Who knows the strength of feeling the at-oneness with nature. I Am One Who knows the strength of shedding tears...and the strength of perseverance to row, row, row your boat of life gently down the stream.

What message do you have for me today?
Strength is a spiritual quality... from there strength of mind and body follows.  Nurture it within and you will have it 'without' (in the physical).  Strength has many faces and reveals itself in different ways.  Sometimes on the surface, strength may look like weakness, passivity.  Strength walks softly and carries a big stick.  Know that right now, you always have all the strength you will ever need.  Keep your symbol of strength in your heart.

Remember... always treat yourself with loving-kindness. That is the best strength you can have. With loving-kindness comes an infinitude other qualities to nourish and nurture yourself.  Open your being and receive them all.  You my dear...are much stronger than you may know...and much stronger than you think.  Everyday, do what strengthens and nourishes your spirit and your soul.
Embody and do whatever strengthens your essence, your appreciation for your self, your life... and all of life.

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Anne Marie said...

Wow, thanks Cheryl!
I feel strong just reading that and looking at your card.
Am grateful for your sharing.

Peace and joy,
Anne Marie