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November 16, 2013

Parrot Guide / One Who Prays

Since 2005, SoulCollage® has been a part of my life.  My stash of images has included a few parrots over the years. This is one of two cards, so far that have the parrot energy...which I didn't fully know what that meant until recently.  This card is a few years old. This week dear friend told me about about a "Nature" program on PBS, featuring parrots- and that's when my heart began to stir.  A resounding recognition in my heart rang through and I was captivated.  The two cards in my Deck have a deeper meaning for me now, as does another parrot image which I've had a while, but is not yet a card.  I am thankful for SoulCollage®.  This process illumines my inner the light and wisdom... and that, is priceless.  ~ Below is my encounter with this Card.

Who are you & what do you want me to know? -  Woman says:  I Am One Who prays and listens. I Am One Who knows divine messages come from near and far and I can hear them all when I quiet myself...and listen.  I Am One Who listens to nature, and am grateful that nature talks to me.  I hear and receive guidance through the trees, the flowers, the wind...and this parrot that whispers over my shoulder.  He's looking out for me, watching me and compassionately awaiting my recognition of him.    

Parrot says: I Am One Who is with you more than you know.  You are drawn to colorful, vivid living..from your heart.  You are drawn to color and freedom, that is how I got your attention.  Just like my colors are a cloak for my body... you too must discover and show your True Colors.  You already know what they are, and you let them shine... just acknowledge and celebrate them more. You do it for others, now it's time to do it for yourself...and for me.  

Yours are the True Colors of love, joy, celebration; True Colors of trust, compassion and knowing of the Truth...and courage. Your True Colors are your soul traits...and you cannot escape them. You make them visible with every heartbeat, with every breath and every awareness and intention.  They shine whether you realize it or not... AND they shine brighter and give of their healing, joy-giving qualities when you consciously recognize them "shining through" in your every day. 

Celebrate your True Colors and give thanks for them. Just like I celebrate every time I soar in the free skies, and in communion with my feathered kindred spirits,  I want you to do the same. That's why I am remind you of your vivid, True Colors and to realize they are shining thorough. Thank you for seeing me and letting me guide you.

What else do you want me to know?  Parrot says: Remember, your True Colors shine through even in challenging and what might be sad times, for you and others whose lives intersect with yours. Trust the energy of your True Colors.  

What want me to do?  Keep a reminder of me nearby. It could be an image of me, or a display of colors that remind you of me and my work through you.  When you see or think of me.. give thanks that we are together. Celebrate life in whatever form it is in this present moment. See the True Colors in every person, every situation and ask your True Colors to help you make choices that are best for you.  Remember to let your True Colors show, and SOAR to all who need it... including yourself.

How can my True Colors help with life challenges?  Parrot says:  Every morning when you wake up...ask yourself  "What True Colors can help me most today?"  Be still.  Listen. Accept what comes.  Heed. Act.  Consciously let that True Color flow through you and counsel you that day.  Write it down in a notebook or card and keep it with you.  Create a small note or visual to remind you of that day's True Color(s) that will shine through you...assisting you, assisting you to help others.  Share your story.  Listen to others' stories.

What else would you like to tell me today?  Parrot says:   Let your True Colors shine through in all that you think, say, do and feel.  When true colors shine's always beautiful, because it's genuine.  It's real.

The woman's heart glows...and she says, thank you.

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