The cards shown here demonstrate a basic part of the SoulCollage® process: Engaging and working with the energy of the cards, also known as the "I Am One Who..." process. To learn more, the award-winning book, SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost, is a beautiful account of the process and an excellent place to start! Seena writes about: the history, how to make cards and work with them; using the process in celebration and blessing, rites of passage, personal retreat and much more; as well as how SoulCollage® has changed the lives of thousands of people, worldwide.

May 27, 2013


I Am Motherhood.  I show up in the DNA of every soul whether they know it or not.  I Am One Who knows the precious gift of unconditional love and affection for my child..and all I give birth to.  I Am the Complete Energy of everlasting, infinite, unconditional love.  I make myself known in the hearts of humanity.  Within each individual my love can show up in the light of their countenance, yet...sometimes it'shadowed in each person, is there.  

I Am what your heart expresses for your own children...and the various ways your children take form and simply are in the world; be it in your daily life, your soul'-work, the home you create, a project or dream... when received from my heart to yours...all of these encounters are the same: your soul expressing and birthing your true essence into the world, through the motherhood energy.

I Am the Great Love of motherhood, the act if mothering, the fun, joyful mother..made of everlasting: knowing, peace, compassion, and trust. I trust in you hearing and sensing my presence. I Am the One Who watches over you, speaks through your heart, whispers in your ear and scoots you out of your comfort zone... I nudge you out of the nest so you can realize you already have wings and you must use them! 

I Am One Who cheers you on to  I am the one who knows you are anchored and grounded  in My great Love...and were born to fly. I am the one who tells you "it's going to be OK.."   I Am the One Who is always, always with you...knowing and feeling your precious soul and love in my heart...and showering you with my own love. Fly sweet soul... fly.You know how.

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